​Outsourcing for ​​Accounting Firms

Whether you’ve just launched your accounting firm or you’re a proud owner of a well-established CPA practice, NoteWorks’ outsourcing services for Accounting firms and CPAs can take over a specific portion of your financial operations. Our experienced team will find ways to reduce overheads, ensure your accounting arm is performing at its peak capacity and create a roadmap for your future growth.

Outsourcing for CPAs with NoteWorks gets you:

  • ​Quick ​turnaround time of 6, 12 or 24 hours, based on the priority of your requirements
  • ​Direct access to bookkeepers and CPAs who have years of experience in managing the financial needs of successful businesses
  • ​Customized solutions that cater to your company’s unique accounting requirements
  • ​Management of seasonal peaks in non-core activities, e.g. filing of annual tax returns by our CPAs
  • ​Ability to make informed financial decisions with accurate analysis from financial data experts
  • ​Savings on the hiring, training and monitoring of an in-house CPA team
  • ​Favorable time difference, the gap between the work hours in India and work hours in the US ensures faster delivery of projects

​But your decision to Outsource for CPAs doesn’t mean you have to let go of control. Utilization of remote skills for the fulfillment of accounting functions while retaining primary control and enjoying real cost savings can still be achieved through captive outsourcing.

Captive Outsourcing​

In the current globalized environment, increased competition, rapidly changing technology and constantly evolving markets and customers are realities that all corporates face. Alliances and collaborations help business organizations to grow and prosper. NoteWorks offers a unique strategic captive outsourcing opportunity for Accounting Firms, Payroll Processing and Taxation Companies to leverage each other’s strengths and help mutual growth, on a long term basis.

Captive outsourcing implies that a client has taken the strategic decision to create a “wing” or base in a lower cost location and will carry out the non-core activities of its business there as an extension of its own operations. The functions are handled remotely, but the client retains complete control and mitigates the challenges associated with IP and other confidential business data. You can either conduct extensive due diligence by yourself or choose us as your captive center in a given location.

Over 70% of our managing team comprises of qualified/ semi qualified professionals who are driven by an emphasis on Quality, Reliability and Dependability of our services. A strategic captive outsourcing with our company presents a unique opportunity for firms/ companies from allied sectors, for business growth in a mutually beneficial manner.

​Here are some of the key benefits you can expect to enjoy by choosing NoteWorks as your captive outsourcing partner:

Cost saving: Substantial cost saving on operating costs through currency and labor arbitrage

Business growth: Target business growth without incurring upfront overhead costs

Improved turnaround time: SBS Global professionals deliver services with high process efficiency resulting in improved ​turnaround time for our partners

Quality standards: Our processes are Six Sigma compliant ensuring very high Quality deliveries for our partners

Enhanced productivity: Moving non-core functions to an outsourced, performance-bearing captive lets you focus on what matters the most for your business

24/7 customer assistance: Offer assistance to your clients around the clock and address problems as and when they arise

​Listed below are the services we offer. This list is by no means exhaustive, and our team is more than happy to talk about any of the services that you might require which are not listed here.

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