Finalisation of Accounts 

Things often get stressed when it comes to year-end finalisation of accounts. In most instances, the task is carried out by a highly qualified accountant and finalised by a chartered accountant or an auditor. However, these professionals may not be readily available and the cost of hiring them on short notice can result in a hefty bill for your company. Fortunately, NoteWorks offers all kinds of year-end finalisation of accounts services.

Our team has the knowledge and expertise to produce, prepare and finalise accounts based on the client’s specific requirements and industry. Be it an SME, a sole proprietor, or a Fortune 500 company; we have the ability to organise finalisation of accounts efficiently. Outsourcing to us will allow you to eliminate the hassle of this labour-intensive task, as well as free up your senior management’s time so that they place their focus on revenue-generating activities.

  • Support in payment of statutory dues
  • Verification of fixed assets and its record update
  • Online payment transaction to vendors and reconciliation
  • Preparation of cash flow/ fund flow statements
  • Journal entries support and management
  • Service tax return, PT return, PF and ESI return, VAT returns support
  • Prepare trial and adjusted trial balance
  • Closing of accounts
  • Consolidation of accounts

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