One of the important considerations businesses make before outsourcing their functions to an offshore KPO is their cost competitiveness, previous work experience, responsiveness and most importantly their work methodology.

At NoteWorks, we provide value to our clients by adopting a unique 8-tier outsourcing process. This outsourcing methodology allows us to ensure quick completion and smooth delivery of the project in the quoted time and budget.

Initiate Contact​

Our very first aim is to develop a bond with you based on mutual interests. We believe that trust from both parties lays the foundation for any business relationship.

Study Requirements​​

We carefully study your needs before agreeing to a project. Because our solutions are customised according to your company’s specific needs, it is vital for us to understand the processes clearly, along with the core mission of the your company. This is also one of the reasons why we have a point of contact present in Australia for meetings as and when you require.

Deliver a Pilot Project​

You may want to take our solutions for a test run before choosing us as your outsourcing partner, which is agreeable to us. We’re happy to deliver a pilot project if requested.

​Quoting and Contracting​​

After properly analysing your requirements, we move on to pricing. Our costing is based on the services for which you are considering to hire us. Additionally, we accept projects on a contractual basis. In either scenario, we draft professional agreements, including the delivery time, the price of our solutions and other factors mutually discussed between us.

Commencing and Finalizing the Project​

We start with the project after the contract has been agreed upon. In rare cases, we might need training on the platform and software your company uses. The contracted work might require us to stay in touch with you on a frequent basis, especially in the beginning. We may also schedule meetings with you to gain more insight of the project, if needed. While handling your company’s sensitive information, we take all the necessary measures to maintain confidentiality.

Quality Review​​

Once we finish the assigned task, we intend to make sure that it meets all your expectations. Therefore, we instruct our team to re-check and review everything from the initial to the last phase in order to ensure that we deliver quality work in an efficient manner.

Project Delivery​

After going through the previous stages, we send the project to you in your preferred format with regular updates as and when needed.


Your feedback is very important to us at NoteWorks. Once we deliver the project to you, we follow up to make sure that we get feedback from you on our input. In case we fail to meet your expectations at any point during our partnership, we’ll re-strategise and re-work to deliver a fresh and enhanced output. The feedback stage not only helps us to improve, but also allows us to establish a long-standing relationship with our clients.

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