​Staffing & Training

    • Recruitment of personnel:Following a well defined recruitment process, we evaluate a candidate’s functional knowledge, computer literacy and fluency in verbal as well as written English. Well experienced candidates are accorded priority in our selection process.

    • Better opportunities: In comparison to traditional accountant jobs, attractive salaries and better growth opportunities are offered to Accounting Graduates and skilled professionals like CAs and CPAs.

    • Pre- training assessment:Pre-training assessment is conducted via a capabilities evaluation interview and tests in typing speed are conducted as well.

    • Fundamentals of accounting:We recruit our team based on their knowledge of fundamentals of accounting and financial analysis including the concepts of accounts payables/accruals, deferrals and the adjusted trial balance, correction of accounting errors and bank reconciliation, payroll, depreciation, inventory and cost management.

    • Software training:Rigorous training in QuickBooks, Ultra Tech, Payroll Menu, File Cabinet and any client specific accounting and taxation software packages.

    • General training:Knowledge of process basics like folder management and document handling along with training in business communications.

    • Processing trial data:A critical aspect of training involves complete evaluation of employee skills in process handling. Processors work on sample data sets to simulate work environment with clear time-based targets for completion.

    • Post training assessment and feedback:Post-training assessment is based on a test that simulates a live environment. Processors are assessed on parameters such as processing time, accuracy of data, process compliance, documentation and written communication skills. 

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