​Why ​Us​

At NoteWorks, we believe that the tone of a client-KPO relationship is defined at the beginning. Whether you’re running a successful enterprise or a start-up with no industry experience, you can immensely gain by choosing us as your outsourcing partner for SMSF compliance, general accounting & bookkeeping, taxation and payroll management.

Here are a few benefits of outsourcing your financial operations to our back-office in Jodhpur, India:

​Cost savings​

This is by far one of the biggest advantages we offer. We’re capable of handling several business functions at a lower cost without compromising the quality of our delivery. Due to the labour and salary arbitrage between Australia and India, you can get projects done at a fraction of a cost. Additionally, outsourcing to our skilled professionals means you save the money, resources and time required to hire and train an in-house team.

​Trained professional​s

Our employees don’t require immese training or supervision. You can hand off a task knowing that it will be managed with great attention to detail and completed on time. Hence, working with us puts you in a position to grow your business and scale operations without stressing over the need to streamline non-core areas.

​​Data security

We’re aware that privacy and safety of data is a huge concern for businesses in Australia. That’s why we frequently make updates to our data policy to ensure we’re complying with the requirements of Australia’s leading companies, as well as with India’s privacy laws, which are on par with international standards for data regulation and privacy.

Time zone advantages

A beneficial time zone gap between Australia and India enables us to provide quick turn around times and 24/7 back-office operations. Send in your projects as you close for the day and wake up the next morning to see your work finished and streamlined.

Ability to adapt

Shifts in the economy can occur anytime and without any warning. The time, resources and bandwidth required to adjust to market changes is a massive challenge that many fail to address. Our team realises that the market can change in an instance, and we are capable and ready for shifting our strategies when needed.

Access to world-class ​resources

Based in one of the most technologically advanced nations, we apply world-class practices while staying up-to-date with the latest methods and innovations. Resources that are scarce or costly at home only cost a fraction here.

​​Performance upgrade​

We run an operation that allows you to get rid of old tools, irregular processes, staffing issues, and other similar problems, which leads to an increase in overall performance. We can do this because we’re located in a place that gives us access to the latest tools, skilled workforce, good infrastructure and more.

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